Weight Loss Quiz

Your 10 minute body shape quiz

* Weight loss results may vary for individuals.

Weight Loss Quiz

This quiz is to educate you about your weight, shape and health.

Please view your results in a positive light. The quiz is to help you understand your body better.
This is not a medical quiz. It is a general weight / shape indicator.

Tick one box only. Do every question. At the end of the quiz,
the Body Shape Meter will indicate your colour zone.

Enjoy and have fun!

Weight Loss Quiz

1. My current body shape is:

2. My family members (siblings / parents) are:

3. My BMI (Body Mass Index) is: (To calculate your BMI, click here)

4. I eat healthy:

5. My usual meal size is:

6. I tend to eat:

7. I snack:

8. I choose to snack on:

9. I eat when I'm emotional:

10. I drink:

11. I exercise:

12. My exercise intensity is:

13. My stress levels are:

14. I sleep per night:

15. I weigh myself:

16. I measure myself:

17. I tend to wear clothes that are:

18. What I wear:

19. I use clothing to:

20. I suffer from the following conditions: Blood pressure, Hypertension, Fatigue or Type 2 Diabetes.

21. How healthy am I?

22. How do people see me? (If you are unsure, ask someone honest)

23. My current weight / shape prevents me from doing certain activities:

24. My attitude towards my weight / shape is:

25. When tackling weight challenges, I feel:

26. Am I truthful in assessing my body weight / shape?

Weight Loss Quiz

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